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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Snapshot Sunday #8

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This Bank Holiday Weekend has so far seen me do some holiday shopping, go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and have more cuddles with my beautiful nephew.

I went to the HP Studio Tour with Ben's Mum, and we had such a great time. The only disappointment we had was the fact there was no butterbeer :( There was something wrong with the water/machine so they were unable to serve them.
It's animal week there this week - I'm a bit animal-mad, especially when it comes to cats (erm, that's an obvious one) and the fact there were KITTENS there made it all the more exciting. I had my photo taken with Hedwig, bought a chocolate frog and took a million photos. I'm sure we missed a few things as there was so much to see, so we plan to go back sometime. And hopefully get to taste butterbeer...

How is everyone else's weekend going? It's nice to see some sunshine again - a rare occurance for a bank holiday!


  1. The HP studio tour is incredible! Seems like you had an awesome time, and I too took a billion pictures! It's so cool that you got to go during animal week too! xxx

  2. I'd love to go here, it would be such fun! Shame that the butterbeer machine wasn't working for you though, but what a good excuse to go back eh? Hope your new baby nephew is doing well!

    louisejoyb x