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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

DIY Polaroid Heart Collage

 photo 07f2158e-9983-4056-92a6-46845efdab7f.jpg

This DIY had been on my 'to do' list for months - I just didn't have all the photos to do it with! But that changed when I received my Instagram prints. I got the inspiration for this from Pinterest ages ago. I'm sure there are different ways of doing it - such as simply tacking the photos straight onto the wall - but here's how I created mine.

Gather all the photos you plan to use. You can make your heart as big as like, but for mine I used 33 photos.

 photo 166cdcb8-b60e-4413-a8aa-4fe862b76217.jpg

Place them down on a piece of card, sorting them into a heart shape - I started with two at the top, then three either side, then two rows of seven, a row of five, then three and then finished with one at the bottom. I had to overlap them slightly to make them all fit.

 photo 254525cc-6d09-432c-bc9f-d205f18f2fea.jpg

Stick the polaroids down. I just used a normal gluestick.

 photo c055b6e0-8143-4b30-828b-9af704d83d3f.jpg

Cut around the polaroids, so all you are left with is the heart...

 photo ad5daca7-d6d6-4ffd-b7c2-fc4e129f027a.jpg

Stick a length of string onto the back of the heart and hang on the wall.

 photo d59c36f6-50b4-4fb4-bf4d-630011477ec9.jpg
 photo 08a6a562-3850-4e47-8bae-08c97733c4b8.jpg

Have you done anything creative like this with polaroids? I would love to see :)


  1. This is adorable! Havent done anything with polaroids but I want to get a camera so i can start!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. this is such a lovely idea, so easy too, really brightens up your wall :) ox

  3. Oh that looks lovely! Love the photos

    Julia x

  4. Ahhh Sophie, it looks amazing :D one day I will acquire more wall space and then I'll be living the dream with a collage like this!
    Kaz x

  5. I love this idea! I don't have Instagram but I have a stack of Polaroids that I always wanted to display using little pegs and wire - a bit like a mini washing line of Polaroids on the wall, if that makes sense x

  6. New over hereee! The idea is soo cute, I have a friend that also has a polaroid camera and in her bedroom she has this blue wall with black letters on it that say "young wild and free" and around that all of her polaroid pictures, is seriously the coolest thing ever :D

  7. This looks fab! I love the nostalgic feel of polaroid photographs, they always look so lovely too, I've made a few polaroid collages before but never really experimented with shapes, so maybe I'll give this a go!

    louisejoyb x

  8. So pretty, it would make such a lovely personal gift :)

  9. Aw I LOVE this idea! Def going to try it :) xx

  10. This is such a cute idea. A great way to show off your prints!