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Monday, 11 November 2013

A Handmade Christmas

Apologies if this post is a little early for some of you, but I have been thinking about Christmas for a good few weeks now. I'm well on the way with my shopping (about halfway done!) and have been playing Michael Bublé's Christmas album non-stop (even, quite shamefully, on my iPhone in the gym).

I do love a good crafty project and I really love handmade gifts - they're so much more personal and I think people appreciate them that little bit more. Pinterest is a great source for creative ideas, and I thought I would share a few of my favourites which I have come across so far.

 photo b9793c1768f93db91ad4f05490dce7c1.jpg

DIY Snow Globes
Such a sweet idea. And they seem very easy to make too! I really want to make some to dot around the house. We are quite big for decorating when it comes to Christmas - my Mum goes a bit mad!

 photo 2fa743c7-9d32-41bc-be42-225e0638f4dd.jpg

Chocolate 'Dipping' Spoons
These looks super easy, and who doesn't love cosying up with a cup of hot chocolate? I love the fact you can customise them so much - marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate drops (if you can't get enough), nuts, coconut etc. These would look lovely wrapped in cellophane bags and tied with baker's twine. A little token attached to a gift perhaps?

 photo 45349f56-ce76-4452-bac5-4314d5fc08eb.jpg

Glitter Candles
I love making candles, and the idea of adding glitter makes it even more appealing! Gotta love a bit of sparkle at Christmas. This step by step DIY makes it super easy.

 photo c26dda63eba2a1584d16356174428de4.jpg

Filled Mason Jars
I love the idea of filling mason jars with sweet treats. The possibilities are pretty much endless - hot chocolate, peppermint bark (recipe here), sweets (Ben's personal favourite), cookies, brownies, fudge...or you could create a kit depending on the person's interest. Craft kits full of mini craft kits, nail kits full of nail polish, nail files, decals etc. Decorate the jar as you wish, complete with a pretty ribbon, and you have a lovely personal gift!

 photo 3.jpg

Gold Dipped Cups
These cups look so lovely and classic. Very simple and effective. I think I would be very happy if I received something like this as a gift!

I'm looking forward to trying some of these in the lead up to Christmas. I'm also excited (moreso than I should be) about wrapping. I have some ideas up my sleeve and I can't wait to get started. I doubt I'll be able to wait much longer!

Will you be doing anything creative for Christmas?


  1. I made Christmas snow globes for my friends last year and they went down a treat! They're just so so fun to make too! I love the idea of the chocolate dipping spoons and filling mason jars! x

  2. This is the CUTEST, Sophie. I'm so keen for making DIY snowglobes & mason jar gifts.. I'm also getting excited for Christmas wrapping - gonna be extra creative this year. Pinterest is a big help! xx

  3. The filled mason jars are an amazing idea, filled with hot chocolate would make a gorgeous gift, I may have to steal this one he he ;-)

  4. these are all such cute ideas and never too early for xmas

  5. Aww these are all such cute ideas! :)
    I have loads like this stored on Pinterest to do!

  6. I love the filled maison jars and chocolate spoons, I've seen a lot of them floating around on pinterest and I'm dying to make some (like I say every year!) so perhaps I'll actually get round to it this time! x

    The Little Things

  7. This is such a lovely post, filled with good ideas. I might try to the Filled Mason jars, (if I don't end up eating the contents!) x

  8. Christmas is my favorite season of the year, and this year with both study and forgot things start making Christmas stuff, your post reminds me of how beautiful this time of year. Now I´m following you in GFc and Bloglovin´I hope your follow me back!

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  9. Been looking at most of these as well! I think I'll try and make some snowglobes!! Xxx