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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nails - Aztec

I got the inspiration for these nails from the skirt in this post. Never done Aztec nails before and I don't think they look too bad for a first try!


I used my favourite nail polish, Models Own Utopia, for the base then created the Aztec pattern using my Topshop nail art pens.


I hope you're enjoying your weekend! Mine has been pretty relaxed so far. Made some mini egg rocky road this morning - have been ordered to make more - and popped into town to get my bridesmaid shoes, which I love. My friend is popping over later for me to do her nails, so I've got to get my big collection of nail polishes out for her to choose what she wants done! Speaking of nail polish/nail art - has anyone seen this? It looks great, have pre-ordered my copy!


  1. Love these! They look so cool <3

    Ellen xx

  2. I love these! I'm obsessed to the Aztec prints at the minute, I wish I was good enough at nail art to do this haha.

    Lou xx
    Bits & Bobs

  3. they look really good, I'm impressed! I'm too shaky when I use nail art pens to create anything this intricate! xo

  4. Oh my, your nails looks so pretty!

  5. Soph this is really impressive! I had aztec nails done at WAH last August & it took forever. It was so intricate & detailed, I was in awe. These are brilliant! Was it not really tricky doing it on your right hand?
    PS. Yay for for Utopia. My favourite also.x

    1. Thanks Nat! It was harder to do my right hand, and they look a bit messy compared with my left hand, but practice makes perfect [I hope]. I really want to get my nails done at WAH, MUST go soon. xx

  6. I love these, they're so pretty :)
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  7. These look amazing - I wish I was that patient with nail art!

  8. These look great! I've tried nail art once - it came out in a big messy smudge


  9. I really want to try the Topshop pens - they really look like you can get intricate with them! Great design.

  10. these nails are so cool..will definately be trying them out myself! lovely blog :)

  11. Love the nail art, you've done a good job here, i'm not so steady with my hands to do this! x

  12. Your nail pens work so much better than mine. Mine keep blobbing everywhere or not coming out at all :( x

    sweet monday
    sweet monday shop

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