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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Photo Diary - Harry Potter Studio Tour 25/05/13

PHOTO HEAVY! Just a selection from the hundreds of photos I took on my visit to The Making of Harry Potter...

 photo e615a4df-bd40-47b4-a023-4a895e1361a9.jpg
 photo 83572ceb-86a8-40ed-a649-ebe485c4b962.jpg
 photo b1ebe69a-35e6-43a4-aa6c-2f2d1dcd83f6.jpg
 photo 03e16028-bf90-43ee-908d-cd6612698e00.jpg
 photo aa0f002f-4277-495d-8bc2-4b3aa8601781.jpg
 photo 028114ce-fea5-4b64-b28f-f2c1c5a89c22.jpg
 photo eb7c87a4-73fe-4574-bb40-faf220c3b088.jpg
 photo 4052400d-4d7e-4e93-8503-e160570263e2.jpg
 photo c3fae3ab-b5b6-4ccf-a5db-4f42be8c22da.jpg
 photo d0662265-285c-4e70-833f-fe9fb93fe739.jpg
 photo 225e4239-dea9-4cff-82b5-47234416fc2d.jpg
 photo 3e24d375-8a61-429d-bd99-7be81989269f.jpg
 photo 75de3414-69b6-4574-9137-f2785709f99c.jpg
 photo fe7aa7bd-cf40-48de-b4b1-0763c51b6663.jpg
 photo c4977288-bbf7-4857-806e-910b1c7f37ce.jpg
 photo 2c7b93f4-ffb1-43b8-98ed-a0db6ec6a061.jpg
 photo 09d87e76-7679-4133-aed0-758ed3930e4d.jpg
 photo c857803e-d353-4847-b761-137859021173.jpg
 photo 376a11b2-587a-4546-addd-086de0fd8344.jpg
 photo 7c8e8982-645f-46fb-a5f7-5dc551918785.jpg
 photo 26cb6a5a-c66f-40d2-93c9-cd272b85eb75.jpg
 photo 79f638e0-19a5-4028-9e8c-c580ec629b96.jpg
 photo acb350ca-549e-418e-a92b-ac3b7f8dc9c2.jpg
 photo 518f36a0-b4a1-45f7-a1be-db5632312d1f.jpg
 photo 85c71395-3f14-4b1a-85a9-307bd30a0a2d.jpg
 photo 2f408edf-cbc6-46e1-9d00-6c32ef3f4857.jpg


  1. Eeep! Looking at these pictures just makes me so exited and nostalgic in equal measure! The HP studio tour is just incredible! xxx

  2. I am so so so jealous. I really want to go but I think I'd cry x

  3. Oooh ooh I'm going there next Saturday!!!' Can't wait!!! X

  4. i am so unbelievably envious right now, you don't even understand!
    Amazing photos! Looks like you had an amazing time x

  5. argh so exciting! I'm hoping to do this on my birthday!xx

  6. That ginger cat is awesome!

  7. What?! I think I got cheated when I went, I didn't get any live cats nor a hedwig outside number 3. I hope you had a great time, it is such a fun place to be. I hope you don't get butterbeer cravings like I do now...

    Em x