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Thursday, 23 May 2013

DIY Floral Rose Crown

 photo 4c59038c-aedb-4189-a137-5e52bc717c0b.jpg

I really love all the floral crowns around at the moment and have been tempted to buy one. However, they aren't the cheapest of hair accessories and, being pretty thrifty, I decided to make my own.

I was pointed towards this DIY by Danielle, who commented on my floral garland bracelet DIY with her headcrown DIY! I absolutely loved the idea of creating my own, so off I hopped (though not literally) to Hobbycraft for my supplies.

 photo 80994cc7-c531-4061-9079-09d8cafac236.jpg photo 818d38b9-bebe-4f19-9b7e-cc77bb91b529.jpg

My alice bands cost me £1.99 for a pack of 3 from New Look, and the roses were £2.99 for a bunch of 6 in Hobbycraft. So, really, it cost a lot cheaper to make my own and I got to choose my own colour combo!

The idea is that you wrap the wire stems around the alice band to fix the roses into place. I started with a lilac rose in the centre, then worked my way along one side, alternating the colours, then did the same the other side.

 photo 84c6e82f-c3e2-40a1-a6c3-7cac369a0990.jpg photo fb24eead-a374-4fc7-956c-9344afd7d91b.jpg photo 0325f66e-9f78-450c-932f-c860553f78f1.jpg

And this is the finished result...

 photo 6b4823ec-fd7b-4702-97c4-7dd0595592a9.jpg photo eecd2fc0-6c79-4028-ac59-e617e969117a.jpg

I also made one with both large and small roses!

 photo 4831aca7-46e3-4e54-95db-4cfb7d1780fb.jpg

I would wear this to some sort of an event, such as a wedding - or perhaps on holiday. I did get an 'are you getting married?' (a question usually reserved for my Grandad) from my Mum - ha-de-ha-ha...I think it's pretty!


  1. Love this idea! Great for the summer as well :)


  2. Oh wow! These look gorgeous :) I keep thinking I should get a floral crown because they're just too pretty but I feel like I'd need to be going to a festival or somewhere to get some wear out of it!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  3. Aww you used such lovely colours! :)
    Thanks for mentioning me!

  4. I love this! Tempted to make one for my flower girl! Great DIY post x

  5. It looks really pretty :) I made myself a small one last summer too, think I'll crack it out at Glasto x

  6. it looks very well made! well done

  7. So pretty, love the colours of flowers you've used and a great DIY xoxo

  8. LOVE this! I never knew how cheap it could be to make. I have a floral garland that I bought at Glastonbury a couple of years ago but I might have to give this a try instead!

  9. Such a good idea and so easily done; perfect DIY! x