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Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer Buys.

With my holiday only weeks away, I've done a little bit of shopping to replenish my Summer wardrobe. I haven't had to buy much as, luckily, a lot things from last year's holiday to Cyprus are all in pretty good nick still. To be fair though, I didn't really need another bikini (make that two), seeing as I'm getting close to having one for each day now. Here's just a few of the things I've purchased.

 photo ae93e1fc-53fc-4b8c-9f3f-46a193c2e9c6.jpg
Aztec print bikini top - Primark £4

 photo 9a78d00e-b7ab-4be3-b286-d300939fd876.jpg
Palm tree print bikini top - h&m £7

 photo 1f1113d1-6e40-4637-8c24-bf04f61d73d0.jpg
Coral leopard print dress - h&m (can't remember the price, but it wasn't a lot!)

 photo 77cdc43f-1724-40e5-b475-deefe75af87c.jpg
Flamingo print shorts - Primark £10

 photo 29ee1aea-6c87-426a-aeb3-56fc41b68eac.jpg
Flip flops - Primark £4

 photo ecb8d271-d9c0-42c9-901d-b79ad9eecef4.jpg
Bonus purchase - Primark £3. Will be using this to store my toiletries.

I've bought other little bits, like some basic shorts and 'boob tubes' (anyone else hate calling 'em that? - but what else can you call them?) and also finally gave into the skort trend last night..for £3.99! Beat that, Zara. ;)

Are you going on holiday this year? What have you been buying recently?


  1. This makes me wish I was going on holiday! x

  2. Love the h&m bandeau bikini top! X

  3. I love the palm tree bikini top. This makes me want to pack my bags and go on holiday x

  4. Those look lovely!
    Not sure if I'm going on holiday or not this year... We went to Paris over my birthday, but my boyfriend is having his birthday next month. Maybe we could go somewhere last minute.
    My other plan is to take a look at the weather forecast in the UK and go wherever it's meant to be sunny!
    x x x

  5. love the dress and bag, so cute (:

  6. Such pretty things, love the flip flops, adorable :)