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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Snapshot Sunday #6

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Beautiful Rosie cat has appeared on my blog again!

Today marks one week until my nephew is due. It's fair to say I am extremely excited, and every time the phone rings I wonder if it's my brother Tom saying Suzie's in labour...

Ben and I went for a wander in London yesterday - wasn't the best weather for a walk through Hyde Park, but I got pretty new bedding from Primark which nearly made up for it. I actually cannot stand Oxford St Primark. I had planned to try to get a few bits for my holiday but only came away with some jelly flip flops. I guess it's a blessing in disguise as you can end up spending so much money on so much tat!
We had lunch at Ed's Diner. Being a vegetarian, there wasn't all much choice for me, but I did really enjoy the 'Beanspice' burger I had, along with sweet potato fries. And we both devoured a big jug of banana milkshake each, which was absolutely amazing. Best milkshake I've ever tasted.

Today we went for a little game of crazy golf, followed by a cider down by the river. The sun has been coming and going today - I'm hoping it will do a better job of shining tomorrow!

How has everyone been spending the long weekend? So nice thinking no work tomorrow too!


  1. Rosie is so cute! Seems like you had a pretty lovely day yesterday! It really is a nice thought knowing I don't have to get up stupidly early tomorrow! xxx

  2. mm i love banana milkshakes, sounds like you've been having a lovely weekend :)

  3. So adorable - I'm such a sucker for cats!! Sounds like you're having a lovely long weekend :) x

  4. Awww your cat is ADORABLE! I love ed's easy diner, and if you're looking for holiday clothes you should try ARK - they're doing a bank holiday offer of 50% off all sales items with the code sale50.. i promise I don't work for them I'm just really excited about that code haha xx

  5. Rosie is the cutest! I could definitely go for a 'cat nap' right now, I always think how I must have been a cat in a previous life ha! Sounds like you've had quite the busy weekend, aren't bank holidays just the best? Really don't want to be heading back to work tomorrow though!

    louisejoyb x

  6. Aww Rosie is super sweet! I hope you had a lovely long weekend! <3

    Jennie xo |