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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

DIY Gold Leaf Bowl

I've seen this idea all over Pinterest, but never really looked into how to do it until I came across this post on Nouvelle Daily.

 photo 584a049c-2a89-4636-a815-2324f5bb5ac7.jpg

I still had some gold leaf left over from when I made my gold leaf nail polish so all I needed was some mod podge and a cute dish!

I searched and searched for a heart shaped bowl, but had no luck. My boyfriend then spotted a shell shaped bowl in one of those cheap home stores. I figure it's meant to be a soap dish but I thought it was quite sweet so it did the job in my opinion. I ordered my mod podge on ebay.

 photo 59010b84-f552-4e37-b7ec-c9f0bff7da85.jpg

This has to be the quickest DIY I've ever done. It took me about 5 minutes! It's just a case of squeezing some glue into a mixing bowl, applying it all over the dish using a paintbrush and then tearing the gold leaf into small pieces and letting it fall onto the dish. Leave it to dry overnight and it's ready to fill with pretty things!

 photo 6a83f2b8-8bf0-4433-b1f2-43815f66df8c.jpg
 photo 6623c7d8-a82d-434f-b96e-28437ae3f0fd.jpg

What would you fill yours with? Jewellery? Make up? Sweets??

 photo 23e99648-e6a7-4545-a24a-a7a328ab4474.jpg

Watch from Ever Ours, ring from Love Hearts and Crosses, necklace from Accessorize and earrings made by yours truly.


  1. This looks great and I love that cat watch, do you have a link for it x

    1. Thank you! If you click on the 'Ever Ours' link in the post you will be able to find it under 'new' items. I believe it is on the second page. x

  2. This looks like a great idea! Probably a dumb question, but what's mod podge?

    1. Not dumb at all! It's a kind of glue and varnish all in one :) x

  3. Ah such a sweet idea. I love that cat watch!!

  4. I always love your DIYs Sophie!! And that Cat watch is something special! xx

  5. What a cool idea! May have to give this a go ;)