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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hand knitted hat.

I've not found many good things about this bitterly cold weather we've had this week. I've been constantly cold, and my hands now resemble those of an old lady's. However, one good thing that has come out of it - I've made use of my lovely new knitted hat!

I commissioned Fiona to make me this. I had been after one for a while. I was pretty particular with what I wanted - dark green, chunky knit, bobble - could I find it on the hightstreet? Nope.
I wish I could knit - I've tried it a couple of times and given up after a while, but I would love to try again and make my nephew some cute little booties!
Fiona is an amazing knitter. She'd previously made me a knitted peterpan collar, so I knew I'd be pleased with my hat.

 photo 52959496-b065-4a0b-8d06-bc8c41b400ed.jpg
 photo c0d72f00-7ace-420f-9e97-5686287f0ac5.jpg
Excuse my offensive face. I wanted to show you how it looks on.

My hat cost me £20 [including p&p], which I think is such a bargain - especially as it's a custom-made item. Fiona plans to make more of these, so if you fancy one, contact her via her blog or twitter :)


  1. It's lovely! I wish I could knit like this.x

  2. aw this is so cute, can't believe it's hand knitted! ox

  3. Wow your hat is actually amazing, how talented is Fiona? Great price too!


  4. Love this, looks so cosy! xoxo

  5. I love it, I can crochet but not knit. Wish I could do both though x

  6. This hat is so so lovely! i like the colour too. xx

    The Little's.

  7. SO cuteee! I wish I knew how to knit without getting in a complete muddle!

    Jennie xo |