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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pay day wishlist

February has been a good month spending-wise. I've realised I don't need every pretty dress I see and that I can go without that nail polish that everyone seems to own right now [okay, maybe I'll give in on that, but I'm doing good resisting so far].

I still intend to save more throughout March [can you believe how quick this year is going?!] seeing as I have proved to myself that I can, and I'd like to fork out for my fancy camera soon. However I will, of course, treat myself to a few little things pay day :)

pay day wishlist #2

♥ I saw the tights elsewhere ages ago, and will definitely be ordering myself a pair. Or two. Just incase.
♥ The clutch is amazing. It reminds me of the asos one which I was gutted to miss out on. I'm really tempted to order it, but I'm not sure I want to spend £30 when I have plenty of other bags...
♥ I love cameras. I love cats. It's a done deal with this poster.
♥ I have a love/hate relationship with wedged high top trainers. I really want some black ones, but am struggling to find the perfect pair! I love this pair, however they are from Topshop and a little out of my price range. Some cheaper ones I've seen are just pretty ugly to be honest. I'll keep hunting!
♥ I want a ceramic heart dish for a DIY I'd like to try soon, so will be on the hunt for one this weekend!
♥ And last, but by no means least, these champagne truffles are divine. Expensive, but so good.

What's on your wishlist?


  1. This is all gorgeous! Especially love the clutch and the tights, and of course the truffles too! xo

  2. Oh my, I am in LOVE with that clutch, so adorable. Nothing better than a good champagne truffle, too! x

  3. Those tights, omg I want some so bad x

  4. I loved the ASOS cat clutch too but I actually think that this one you've found is far nicer :) x x

  5. I got the cat clutch for Valentine's Day and I'm so in love with it! It's even prettier in real life so if you can..make sure you get it as you surely won't regret it! Money well spent :)

  6. This year is going by way too fast, so crazy! So much cats, I loveee it. xx

  7. the clutch is gorgeous, but a little pricey. I think I'll be ordering those tights too!xx

  8. Love all of these! Especially the clutch :)

  9. Tooooooo cute! I'd love you to check out my blog x

  10. I LOVE the clutch, SO lovely! <3 <3

    Jennie xo |

  11. Every time I look at other peoples wishlists I always have to add to mine :)
    My sister would adore those tights!
    Thanks for the post :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  12. The clutch is too cute! x

  13. Love that clutch!! xx