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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Recent purchases - from the sales

I don't know about you, but I'm not much of a fan of the sales. I don't see the appeal in rummaging through racks of jumbled up clothes and getting pushed about by rude, ignorant people. There's only one solution - online shopping! And I didn't even have to leave my bed.

Excuse the shoddy photos - lighting was awful when I took these.

This is the one item I did find on a quick hunt in the shops. I wanted this when it was full price, but £35 seemed a bit too much. I didn't think I was going to find it but when I spotted this [the last one] I prayed it would be a 10. I was disappointed to find it was a size 6, but tried it on anyway - desperation and all that - only to find it fit me! I think it's meant to be oversized, but I still don't understand sizing sometimes. Ah well, I'm happy I found it!

I bought this shirt off boohoo. Not a major bargain, with only £5 off the original price, but I don't think it was too bad for £15. I love the PU studded collar! I also bought a black pinafore dress off the website. I had been after one for a while and found this one for £15 which I thought was a total bargain. I'm not sure whether it's a bit 'young' for me, at 27 years of age, but oh well. I think it's cute!

This is the first thing I've bought my nephew, due in May :) My brother and sister-in-law revealed the sex of their baby to us on Boxing Day. I had predicted a boy since they announced they were expecting. It's so exciting and I'm loving looking at cute baby boy stuff! I love David and Goliath's baby clothes. There's another onesie which says 'I only cry when ugly people hold me' hahaha. I got this when it was in the sale, it was around £8 which is still quite a lot for a baby onesie, but my nephew is definitely worth it!

I have bought a couple of full-priced items recently too, and I'm still on the look out for some good sale deals online - anyone found any good things?! I've got to curb it soon though, as we'll be booking a holiday soon and I'm also saving for a camera! I guess I'm just splashing out a little whilst I can!

Did you get anything nice in the sales?


  1. I love the blazer- such a gorgeous fabric :) you were obviously meant to buy it since the one remaining jacket fitted :)
    That babygrow is so cute! I love David and Goliath!
    Kaz x

  2. I love the floral jacket, the print is gorgeous! Love the baby onesie too, I'm going to be an Auntie soon too, I can't wait to start buying cute baby clothes! xo

  3. I've seen that blazer so much recently, I love it x

  4. I bought that blazer a while ago but decided it was a bit too difficult to style, so I took it back, I sort of wish I had kept it now :-

  5. David & Goliath are great aren't they? Have you been to their shop on Carnaby Street? There is so much good stuff in there. I've been buying jumpers and floral print trousers in the sale x

  6. I'm the same as you Sophie, can't be dealing with a sale (although i should with my lack of saving!) but admittedly there are a fewwwww nice things about. like the blazer you got. i want! x

    The Littles

  7. Ohhhh that ladies man onesie is ADORABLE!!xx

  8. that really is a beautiful blazer, what a find!xx

  9. I thought sales were a let down this year! I love Zara but their sale was ridiculous :( they had about £10-20 off jackets and shoes which doesn't really change the price all that much! x x

  10. Love the blazer! What a stroke of luck :)

    I don't enjoy sale shopping either, they always seem to bring all the tat out from previous seasons. On line shopping is however quite addictive and I managed to get a few items I really liked! :) xx

  11. Fantastic buys, the blazer is amazing! I found some lovely home bits in Urban Outfitters but not a lot else really! xx

  12. Loveeeee the tapestry blazer! X