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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lomography Love #9

It's been a while since I've done one of these!

Most of these were taken in Hyde Park back in November last year. It was a very cold, but bright, day and I'd wandered into London simply for a walk around and a bit of a shop in Primark down Oxford St. I couldn't resist taking my Sprocket Rocket with me; Hyde Park is so pretty.

I eventually sent my finished black & white infrared film off to Lomography for development the other week and received these back a few days ago.

3b52282281c4691220b8c54f5e8d76d1d24f454a_zpsa268ec40 photo 3b52282281c4691220b8c54f5e8d76d1d24f454a_zpsa268ec40-1_zps50298f85.jpg
07b6f2600bad047b8e58779807af8dd59d0f77f7_zps8f0083ef photo 07b6f2600bad047b8e58779807af8dd59d0f77f7_zps8f0083ef-1_zpsd1227fd7.jpg
acc8f39b992ea7ff51a5391ce8a81dbb6c9fce74_zpsa43fc7cd photo acc8f39b992ea7ff51a5391ce8a81dbb6c9fce74_zpsa43fc7cd-1_zps804ed595.jpg
8edb87f5818e4a869b93ee6c39695fcbbc684372_zps7062c7f2 photo 8edb87f5818e4a869b93ee6c39695fcbbc684372_zps7062c7f2-1_zps792bdac1.jpg
3b03e09df0751ee3cd6160ab580f25596d4b2e3b_zps0c370a2e photo 3b03e09df0751ee3cd6160ab580f25596d4b2e3b_zps0c370a2e-1_zps68dbf14f.jpg
5c01b9bae68879927ec21b57501783ee6d7ff856_zpsb057b483 photo 5c01b9bae68879927ec21b57501783ee6d7ff856_zpsb057b483-1_zps3416a547.jpg
8edfb4ca7533e8d18358b049cc32fc2629f54a72_zpsfd6d4ea8 photo 8edfb4ca7533e8d18358b049cc32fc2629f54a72_zpsfd6d4ea8-1_zpsc0e1dcdb.jpg
f6ec1342a6dbd659eb1c4bbf601c8a824ea16176_zps6b88c858 photo f6ec1342a6dbd659eb1c4bbf601c8a824ea16176_zps6b88c858-1_zpsbbef9d9d.jpg


  1. These are fantastic - I recently got my second roll of Diana F+ back and I'm so happy with the it. It's here if you want to take a look:

  2. these are gorgeous! Love the Sprocket Rocket but I can't really justify adding another lomo camera to my collection! :p xx

  3. Love the photos! There's always something so special about trees too, glad I'm not the only one who also photographs them!

    louisejoyb x

  4. Beautiful photographs, I love the first especially <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. Love these , I'd really like a lomography camera xx