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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Rediscovering my mojo...

Since closing my Folksy shop a year or so ago, my jewellery designing/making has lacked somewhat. I found myself losing my mojo a little, even though I was still to send pieces to The Gift Gallery in York, a gorgeous little shop full of handmade gems.

Recently, however, I am pleased to say that I have rediscovered my mojo and have gone back to my roots of making jewellery using wire. I currently can't really afford to buy metal clay - although, to be fair, I have nearly made up for it as I have a new love for druzy! Which is hardly cheap...

My first make using my beautiful Mystic Rainbow Druzy were these wire wrapped earrings. I made them using a lovely light rose gold wire. I absolutely love them and have worn them a lot since making them. I've since made some for the lovely Nat, too.

IMG_3353-001_zps6c645ce3 photo IMG_3353-001_zps6c645ce3-1_zpsff63796b.jpg

I had one druzy bead left over, so decided to wire wrap it and use it as a focal for a necklace. I also wire wrapped some pretty Czech glass and turquoise gemstone beads [can't remember what they are!] and added them either side. I think the colours go pretty well together. I now need to decide whether to keep this for myself, or send it to The Gift Gallery!?

IMG_3363_zps865fad9b photo IMG_3363_zps865fad9b-1_zps8f1707c6.jpg

I'm now awaiting a few more pieces of druzy, which I'm sure I'll swiftly use as I've definitely got my jewellery making head screwed firmly back on again! Let's hope it lasts!

I hope you're all enjoying a lovely, lazy Sunday - just like I am. We didn't get out of bed until 1pm, which we rarely do, and it was lovely! After some lunch of tomato soup, we headed out into the garden and made a snowcat, and Ben started a snowball fight...which didn't last long as our hands were already so numb. I made a gingerbread latte to warm myself up and have had my head stuck in my kindle for most of the time since then :)


  1. ah these are so gorgeous can't believe you made them! ox

  2. Those earrings are absolutely gorgeous - I neeed some! You're so talented :) xoxo

  3. Sell it! It would get snapped up I'm sure of it. I'd personally love one.

    I plan to start wearing the beautiful necklace you made for me a bit more as I always forget to wear jewellery. Silly me!

    Victoria [Lily loves Lola] x

  4. These jewelries are so pretty!! Sell them as you can always make more! :D

  5. So pretty! I wish I knew how to create things like this <3

    Ellen xx

  6. ooh, the necklace is SO LOVELY. i love druzy too and made myself a ring using a pink/purple piece. its great stuff!

  7. You are talented, they are so pretty!xx

  8. These look really lovely! :)