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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

20 things.

Okay, totally jumping on the bandwagon here. I've been enjoying reading other people's random facts about themselves, so thought I'd do a post of my own.

1. I have a fear of clowns, which I'm pretty sure is due to the fact my brothers made me watch IT when I was seven.

2. I've been a strict vegetarian since I was 12. I was never much of a meat eater as a child and started giving up meat when I was 9. This being said, I'm definitely not one to preach. My whole family and boyfriend eat meat and it doesn't bother me at all.

3. I've had a couple of craft related injuries in the past - both concerning getting something stuck in my foot! When I was about 9, I was doing some cross-stitch. I put the piece down to get up to do something and stood on the needle which had fallen off the edge of the sofa. Causing it to go straight through my foot, by my toes. Yes. Not pleasant. I screamed and screamed.
Then a couple of years ago I trod on some jewellery wire, which ended up embedded in my foot. Meaning a good few hours down at A&E.
Moral of the story:Always look where I've put my needle and clean up properly!

4. A lot of people comment on the way I hold my pen. I can't describe how I hold it, but it's quite unusual and my Mum [a phyiso] says it's because I have lax ligaments. I'm not double jointed, but my fingers are really bendy. It's never given me much of an issue, but I can't write for long periods of times.

5. I love New York. I've been twice and I am pretty damn desperate to go again. Oh if only I had all the money!

6. I am to be an Auntie for the first time in May and I AM SO BLOODY EXCITED. I am having a nephew :) [you may have read this already but yeah..I am excited so I don't care!]

7. I really really REALLY want a cat.

8. I tend to get on better with guys than girls. I do have a couple of close girl mates, but I don't understand most girls and find guys so much easier to get on with! Maybe it stems from growing up with two boys;who knows.

9. I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I go at 6am before work, and then sometimes on Sunday mornings [if I can be bothered].

10. I have my ear lobes pierced three times in each ear and my right tragus pierced. I also used to have my belly button pierced.

11. My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this year.

12. I passed my driving test third time lucky.

13. I'm a typical cancerian. I'm stubborn and I am very emotional. I cry at pretty much anything.

14. I have a huge crush on Ryan Gosling [don't we all?]

15. I'm a real homebird. Whilst I do enjoy going out with my friends, I much prefer staying in with a big cup of tea and a good film. Must be getting old.

16. I absolutely love going on holiday. I just think it's always lovely to have something to look forward to, and being away in another country means you can forget all your troubles back at home for a week or so. BLISS.

403348_10150253482349970_1658753478_n_zpsd10c2c9d photo 403348_10150253482349970_1658753478_n_zpsd10c2c9d-1_zps6eeb545b.jpg

17. I've had the pleasure of performing on stage in the West end and at Wimbledon theatre [with Danny La Rue and Trojan from Gladiators!]. All thanks to the dance school I attended aged 5-19.

18. My middle name is Alice. It was my Great Grandmother's name.

19. I bruise like a peach. My boyfriend is always pointing all my various bruises out and saying 'how the HELL did you get that one?!'. It's probably not helped by the fact that I'm pretty clumsy.

20. I'm a total magpie. I just love shiny things!


  1. Loved these! I'm the same with clowns. Accidentally saw a bit of IT when I was really little and I haven't been the same since! x

  2. Aw- my middle name is Alice, it was my great grandmother's name too (freaky). Also I'm a typical cancerian as well, and watched IT when I was 11, so bloody scary!!
    Can't believe you peformed with Trojan, that is an amazing fact xxx

  3. I'm a strict vegetarian too but most of my friends and family aren't. Though not sure I could date a meat-eater. :/ I also get on better with guys than girls - might be because I have a lot more males in the family! Or my tomboyish streak!

    Morag x

  4. I love this post, great to hear more about you! I am a major homebird too! xx

  5. Love these kinds of posts and I'm with you on clowns - older brothers can be horrible! x

  6. ah this was so lovely to read! i've never been to new york and would REALLY love to go ahh!

    hope you'll visit back

  7. I am SO with you on holidays! I've finally got mine booked for this year and I cannot wait!xxx