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Monday, 17 September 2012

Lomography media release: Color X-Pro Sunset Strip

This media release from Lomography popped into my inbox today and I just had to share it with you.


Lomography has unveiled the freshest member of its X-Pro family: the Color X-Pro Sunset Strip! If you thought X-Pro was all about blues, greens and reds – load the Sunset Strip in a 35 mm camera and let it take you on a whole new pre-colored experience! The darker the surroundings, the more intense colors Sunset Strip produces. It’s the perfect film for nighthawks, party people and vampires.

Sounds amazing right? There's more...

The Color X-Pro Sunset Strip comes with a unique feature: whilst the center of the film strip was pre-colored, the sprocket holes were not. This triggers an extra quirky style when you pair it up with cameras such as the Sprocket Rocket or the Spinner 360° which expose sprocket holes. Besides the fresh oranges and vibrant blues that will bathe your pictures in colour, the sprocket holes will turn out in a completely different colour to boost your pictures with some added pizazz!



This is already in my basket!