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Monday, 6 August 2012

Recent purchases - vintage, h&m & personalised rose gold

Just a few things I have aquired recently.


The mint green blouse is vintage [1970s], a great ebay find. Been after a shirt this colour for a while, so was pleased to find it!

Lots of love for rose gold with the shoes from h&m [£7 in the sale!] and the personalised necklace from a lovely little shop on etsy. Might do a seperate post on the necklace;I'm so happy with it!


And then I had a bit of a splurge Saturday - bought this burgandy jumper in h&m [couldn't find the coral one on my wishlist, still on the look out!] and the socks are Topshop [obviously].

What have you been buying lately?


  1. That mint green shirt is so pretty, what a lovely colour

    Julia x

  2. OOo I also want that jumper! It's so nice, I've seen the coral one in the catalogue and that's gorgeous too, I don't think that was in my local shop though. They've got so much nice stuff in at the moment! I got the burgundy jeans for only £15 which I think is a bargain.
    Your blouse is gorgeous! I got a gorgeous vintage satchel from a charity shop last week and I think that's from the 70s, I think I might have included that in my blog post, if not I shall include it now haha! I love vintage finds.
    Love the frilly socks!

  3. That necklace is lovely :) x

  4. Aah I was so close to buying those rose gold shoes and I wish I did now!
    Could you like me the etsy store you got the necklace? It's so cute! :)
    I love the burgundy jumper too :)

  5. Great pieces, the shoes are absolutely gorgeous and I too adore rose gold. The necklace is really cute and hope you do a separate post on it :)


  6. Oh what great finds, def do a separate post on the necklace, I'd love to know the shop it's from it's gorgeous! x

  7. Oh, that jumper looks gorgeous - is it itchy though? That's the one thing I hate!

  8. Great buys love all the socks!!

  9. ooh hello topshop socks and lovely h&m shoes!x

  10. Lovely purchases! Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous and I would love to hear more about the etsy store you got your necklace from, it looks perfect! xo

  11. Great find with the shirt!

    I'm going to have a nosy at that Etsy shop :)

  12. That necklace is so pretty! You should totally do a post on it, love anything rose gold :)

  13. Ahhh love it all!xo

  14. Love those shoes! And the necklace is adorable!
    I have a LOT on my wish list at the moment....Wondering whether to buy or not to buy!! Ha
    x x x

  15. Love lacey socks, been really into them laterly. Lovely purchases xx