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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nails - Technic Carnival

Just a quick little review on the OPI Rainbow Connection dupe, which I bought off ebay.


I applied the glitter polish over Sephora Metro Chic and Models Own Purple Mystique. I don't have OPI Rainbow Connection, but from the swatches I have seen online it seems like a pretty good dupe. I used two coats of it to achieve the amount of glitter seen here, but I can imagine it would look amazing with one or two more layers. The polish applies well and dries pretty quickly - I'm really impressed with this, especially for the price I paid for it.
I bought this from this seller for £2.99. I'm guessing the seller has realised how popular this nail polish is as they have upped the price to £6.99 - but I have found one cheaper here if you want to get your little mitts on it.


  1. I love this nail varnish too! But it was hell to take off :p haha!! It looks stunning on doesn't it! :)
    Funny that the seller put the price up too, total taking advantage!
    x x x

  2. Great to see the varnish on your nails! Bit sneaky of the seller to put the price up I think! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

    1. I thought it was very sneaky too! But glad I got it when it was cheaper haha. xx

  3. Thankyouthankyouthankyouuu for the link to the cheaper polish, had to order it as soon as I saw your post! x

  4. I have this and I love it - such a great dupe! <3

    Ellen xx

  5. Thank you for posting the cheaper link, I love the look of this on your nails and I just bought some of my own, can't wait to get using it :) xx

  6. They look great! Galactic! xx

  7. Oh my gosh... your nails look beautiful! Thanks for sharing doll!

    You have a great blog, I'm your newest follower!

    Niki @ LQM&M

  8. I definitely need to get my hands on this after seeing so many bloggers raving about it, your nails look gorgeous xxx

  9. Wow these are so pretty! What a bargain too. xx

  10. Awesome nails, I'm pretty much addicted to glittery nail polish myself - right now I'm wearing this 'ice crush' polish from topshop (had to put on like 3 coats but it's soso pretty!)
    The nail art on your blog is absolutely epic btw, t'is amazing! x