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Friday, 17 February 2012

My 'new' camera.

I spotted it in cash converters [of all places] a couple of weeks ago, went on and on about it, then gave in and bought it yesterday...

Canon EOS 1000 SLR film camera [oh hello lovely bottle of disaronno in the background]


I'm in the process of 'researching' this camera, and trying to get to grips with it as it didn't come with any sort of manual! But I'm all for experimenting. My boyfriend said I now have more cameras in my room than anything else - he's probably right. I am thinking of selling my lomography fisheye camera for cheaps, though, if anyone's interested!

I've had a lovely few days off work, and have spent too much money [post on new purchases coming soon]. I'm off out for a meal tonight with my boyfriend and his family. I don't have the money for it, but Ben has told me I don't need to worry about that as he is paying for me. Too lovely :)


  1. Such a good place to find a camera!!! I didn't think of that. love it, and the alcohol in the background.x

  2. Cant wait to see some new snaps with the camera x
    Ella @ Belle Vintage