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Sunday, 25 September 2011

New Moo.

I love Moo. I really do.

Decided new business cards were a must after opening my new shop. Ordered them on 19th September, I think they were actually estimated to arrive on Wednesday but they came yesterday - that's good service right there!

I can't fault moo at all. Some people say they're too expensive, and yeah they are a bit, but the quality is amazing so I think the price is worth it for what you get.


I also need to get some new minicards [I use them to write my thank yous] but that will have to wait til next month now!

I hope you've all had a great weekend. Work tomorrow - that's come around too quick as usual! But I only have a two day working week this week, with a lovely 5 day weekend to look forward to. I plan to bake, make jewellery and make some teacup candles!

Don't forget, the code to get 15% off in my shop is valid until midnight - HAPPYWEEKEND15 :)


  1. I ordered my business cards with Moo too (: I think the quality is so good, and they arrived really quickly too, considering mine weren't expected until next Thursday and they came yesterday morning! xx

  2. They are pretty amazing - I might have to get my next lot of cards from there!

  3. I agree, Moo are fab! Took advantage of their 25% off offer recently too.
    Enjoy your very long weekend next week :D

  4. Love your blog, those cards look lovely! Have been meaning to sort out getting some for my mum's artwork so I'll def check out Moo! x

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