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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Teacups & Trinkets

Whilst having a bit of a clear/sort out of all my jewellery recently, I started to wonder what I could use to display my pieces. I have a lot of jewellery, and was getting a bit sick of all the boxes I had laying around.

Then I remembered the teacup candle I had bought from The Gift Gallery. I'd used it and cleaned it out and it was just sat on my window sill. So I filled the cup with my rings and put some pendants around the saucer.

I really like it! I have this other teacup candle, which I got from the lime garden [gorgeous shop!] - I expect I'll use it for the same kinda thing when I'm done with the candle!


  1. Love this! Think it's just so chic and just fab!!! Seriously going to consider this!!!

    Love ya blog


  2. what a lovely idea, combining my love for tea and jewelry, perfect! xxxx

  3. such a sweet idea! i actually wrap some of my necklaces around a little elephant tea pot xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  4. what a great idea storing your rings in a tea cup! so pretty :) x

  5. Such a good idea, the perfect combination - jewels in a tea cup! I've seen a few girls do a DIY candle tea cup and it's always got me in the mood to try it out myself! May be my next move!

    I've got a giveaway worth £45 running over at my blog which you are more than welcome to enter :)

  6. I love this idea of storing your accesories ! :) I keep them all in an ornamented plate because it's easier to see them all*. Lovely post and blog !

    *well, not really because it's too messy

  7. I love the idea of candles in a teacup, but using a teacup to display your jewelry is even better!
    That's absolute genius and so very very pretty

  8. What a great idea! ...and what a pretty blog. Just popped over from Folksy and am now following.


  9. I love the idea of storing jewelry in a teacup! Very chic;) I'm always looking for new ways to display and store stuff!! PS Im a new follower!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  10. i love the idea of a teacup as a candle x

  11. i have a vintage style teacup in my room holding all sorts of bits and bobs for me, love them =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx