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Monday, 8 November 2010

The Gift Gallery York

After a rather eventful couple of days involving hotel double bookings, a broken down bus, a rubbish bus driver who didn't even know where he was going & a 10 hour journey home, I am back from a weekend in York!

The main reason for our visit was to check out The Gift Gallery, where my jewellery is stocked.
It was lovely to meet Kate and her husband, and she has done such a wonderful job on the shop - the photos I took just don't do it enough justice! I loved seeing my work in the shop, as well as lots of other folksy people's work :)

Kate very kindly let me take some photos.

You can just about see me, Kate and her husband!

Some of my jewellery :)

I came away with a few goodies!

A gorgeous teacup candle. The candle is strawberry & rose petal scented and smells lovely.

A beautiful hanging glass heart :)

And some cute grips!

If you're in York, or around there, I recommend you take a visit to Kate's shop as it is really gorgeous, and everything is handmade, which makes it even better!



  1. Wow, the shop looks great, i could spend hours in there! Great to see your jewellery, you must be chuffed :)

  2. The shop looks amazing,and your jewellery looks lovely,a perfect place for Christmas goodies!

  3. Great looking gift shop - I wish I lived nearer!
    Jeanie x

  4. Ooooh that shop looks lovely - shame its not near me x

  5. Great photos! I spotted my marble flower stoppers there too! Thank you for sharing the photos with us!

  6. Spotted my Christmas shelf blocks :) Thank you for giving us a peek into the shop. It does look good. xx

  7. your journey sounds horrendous! but looks like you had a lovely time while you were there!
    Lovely photos :D

    Maria x

  8. this is fab! spotted my crocheted trinket boxes. Everything looks amazing and so much variety! Hope Kate does brilliantly.

    Cherry tree

  9. I was just thinking I cant see any of my stuff, and you brought one of my hearts! cool, thank you x

  10. What a lovely shop - I'd love to own a shop like day!

  11. Thanks for the photos! The shop looks great and I spotted some of my bracelets : )
    Hope we all will do well before Christmas.
    Beata x

  12. Wow How lovely to see - Am YEARNING to go...and thanks for buying my grips!

  13. oh I love it!!! I can see some of my pendants in the 6th photo! :D I want to go!
    Vicky stars&scars x

  14. Beautiful looking shop, wish I lived nearer!

  15. What a lovely shop - worth a trip to York I think! Thank you for sharing