Trinket Box

Monday, 4 April 2011

An afternoon of making.

I had this afternoon off work - great stuff, although I have to work longer hours the rest of the week, not so great - so thought I'd have an afternoon of making stuff. Of the cake and jewellery variety...

I made a vanilla layer cake which I made before, only I used raspberry jam as the filling instead of marshmallow icing. So good with a cup of tea!

I finished off a custom order, which has now sold :)

And I also finished off a couple of copper pieces, which I plan to make into pendants. I made these using art clay copper - when fired it becomes 100% copper! Would love some opinions - who'd like to see some copper pieces in my shop?


  1. The copper's really nice, especially the wee dove :] so cute! x

  2. Love the copper and that cake looks rather nice too! Hope you enjoyed it :D

  3. Ooh yum the cake looks scrummy! Love the copper too - its such a warm colour :-) x

  4. gorgeous photo's!! that mug is adorable!xx

  5. That cake looks so tasty! Those copper pieces are great too, so creative! xx