Trinket Box

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Vanilla layer cake

I decided to bake a cake today. I looked through my Primrose Bakery book and opted for the vanilla layer cake. I took some photos whilst I baked!

Instead of jam/buttercream I decided to whip up some marshallow icing to use as the filling.

It's gone down very well! There's only a little bit left now, as I let my boyfriend take a big chunk home with him earlier. But that's ok - I've decided I'm going to make the raspberry cupcakes on Friday :)


  1. awww looks scrummy!!! off to raid the fridge now, you've made me hungry :)

    Kellie x

  2. Mmmm..... looks sooo good! I particularly like the idea of the marshmallow icing!

  3. Oh my, now that looks delicious!!!! xx

  4. omg, me and my housemates have just been talking about how much we want cake right now-this has tipped me over the edge! looks sooo good!! x