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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Graze - grab a free box!

I've been getting a box every 2 weeks from Graze for quite a few months now. I'm sure you've heard of it, but if you haven't then you basically get a box of 4 punnets - the foods are selected by how you've rated them on the website [goodbye olives, yuk!] - mostly healthy stuff. I say mostly, as there is the odd bit of chocolate and flapjack thrown in, although it's not so much that you'll feel bad for eating it!

This is the box I got today - excuse the rubbish photo, it was taken on my blackberry:

I got super berry detox, lemon meringue pie, orange & ginger flapjack and cherry tomato, basil and puglian pesto focaccia.

My favourites so far are probably super berry detox, chanachur panch phoron, honeycomb flapjack, copacabana and naked goodness seeds - yum! But there are quite a few I've yet to try as they've recently added new foods, all which look really good.

To get a free box use the code 6QL8WVH - you'll need to stop your boxes after if you don't wish to receive them anymore. You can also use the push back button to postpone them on a week by week basis. Oh, and they cost £3.49 [free delivery] normally!


  1. I had graze boxes for a few months, very yummy - I love olives, amazing dried fruit mixes including mulberries, Japanese rice cracker mixes etc etc.
    I stopped eventually as it was too expensive for me and it was £2.99 then. Now it has gone up I don't think I can risk getting addicted again!

  2. I've been hearing so much about this now and they look so delicious! I really need to try it out :)