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Friday, 25 February 2011

Giveaway: Fine silver charm

I like to do a giveaway every so often, usually just for the sake of it [they're fun, right?].
I'm giving away this cute little fine silver dove charm, which I made specially for this giveaway:

I made this using art clay silver - a precious metal clay which when fired becomes 99.9% pure silver. It's textured with some pretty lace, and I oxidized the dove so the texture has been enhanced. Lovely!
I've attached a sterling silver jumpring, so you can string it onto a chain. I think it'd look lovely on a chain with a few other charms.

The winner may get a little something extra with the charm. :)

The rules:
You must be a follower of my blog to enter.
It's open internationally so anyone can enter!
To enter, leave a comment on this post, telling me which item in my shop is your favourite.

Giveaway ends Friday 25th March. I'll pick the winner using, and will announce it on my blog soon after.

Good luck!


  1. I love this little pink heart pendant

    Thanks for the chance of winning your dove.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I love your custom made necklaces - so well designed & so pretty!
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. I have to pick just one favourite!? Well, if you're going to make me I shall pick the oh-so-adorable little bow pendant necklace :)

  4. <y favourite piece in your shop is this stunning bracelet, the turquoise looks beautiful with the silver and darker acents.
    Thanks for the chance to win your dove (which is beautiful too!

  5. Too many lovely things to choose from... I really like the Cute Little Rounds Lace Textured Earrings -

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Marie x

  6. lovely little dove! my favourite item you have sold! a pretty teal coloured wire wrapped pendant so my next favourite is your pretty Tanzanite Blue Violet Chalcedony Pendant xxx

  7. That Dove is adorable.

    My fave in your shop now is the earring rounds, not fond of too much drop on earrings I get them caught, but these are just right and very pretty

    Lynda x

  8. Am I allowed to say that my favorite is that charm? If not i very much also like Your fine silver bow pendant. Haha the first thing I saw!

    M - Tea for Two ♥

  9. What a beauyiful dove! The amount of time and work to produce something like that, makes it even more precious!

    I love lots of items in your shop, but one of my favourites is the Labradorite and Azurite Bracelet, two of my favourite gemstones!

    Natalie x

  10. You make some gorgous stuff! That dove is just adorable!

    As for your shop, I just love this cupcake pendant! It's so pretty!!

    Good luck with the giveaway!

    Sarah xx

  11. Love love your range of necklaces & bracelets(really will need to treat myself soon) It'a such a hard job choosing my favourite but think it'd have to be the Labrodorite bracelet, it's gorgeous!

  12. That is so cute!

    I'm following you and my fave in your shop is

    the textured heart pendant.


  13. Hi I have just followed you.
    You have some lovely jewellery in your shop.
    If I was lucky enough to win I would choose the silver cupcake.
    I make cupcake items in my 'purplebea 'shop here on folksy,so a cupcake pendant would be fantastic!!
    Jeanie x

  14. Wow, such a lovely giveaway! Love that pendant!

    I've had my eye on this bracelet for a while, I think its so beautiful and unique so this has to be my fav in your shop!

  15. I love your flower necklace, very dainty and stylish.

    the little giveaway birdie is very sweet!

  16. I love pretty much everything in your shop, but I've chosen this one for the lovely colours

  17. ooh lovely giveaway :)
    My favourite in your shop at the moment is the flower pendant ... its beautiful
    Maria xx

  18. Awh that dove is beautiful! :]

    My favourite thing (from many) in your shop is your rhodonite & garnet earrings :]

    Kat x

  19. Your little dove is so pretty <3

    My favourite item is the Tanzanite Blue Violet Chalcedony Pendant, it's colour is just gorgeous.

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  21. There are so many stunning things in your shop! It is so very difficult to decide.

    It would probably have to be these; they are so cute and delicate looking. I love that dove charm it's simply wonderful!

    Thanks for doing the Give away,

    Stef x

  22. I love the fine silver bow pendant


  23. I love this pendant as I like anything to do with the garden, I love the texture you put into your work


  24. I love everything in your shop, especially all the pretty pendants, but this bracelet is my favourite:

    It's the perfect combination of girly, cute and sophisticated.