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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Banana Cake

I made a banana cake this morning. It was so easy to make - check out the recipe. I fancied baking something, but didn't want to use one which needed lots of ingredients - I don't have the money to be going out and buying lots at the moment!

It's a lovely soft, moist cake. I actually only used the one banana as that was all I had - but think that was just enough anyway.

I start my new job on Monday - my crb only took a few days to come through - so am currently trying to make the most of my 'last week of leisure'! But it is so nice to know I have a job to go to now, and will finally be earning again.


  1. ooh that looks sooooo yummy. I love banana cake x

  2. mmm I love banana cake!! It looks delicious!

  3. this looks so good! i hated bananas until my mum made banana cake and im now a convert!

    Emma x