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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Nail Art.

I thought I would blog about something besides jewellery/crafty stuff. Although I suppose this is a little crafty!

Over the past few months I have become a tiny bit obsessed with nail art.
It all started when I discovered how to do leopard print nails, via Gem's blog. She uses liquid eyeliner when doing hers, which I started using at first, but now I use my models own nail art pen, which I find easier to use, and works better for me.

Another thing I discovered recently [after I had ordered some dotting tools on ebay, grr!] was that for dots you can simply use the end of a kirby grip. Just bend the grip carefully, splodge some nail polish onto a piece of paper, dip the grip in and apply it to the nail.

I also love konad, which is nail stamping and another way to get great designs on your nails.

My brother's girlfriend has caught the nail art bug too, I think - I did her nails leopard print for her at Christmas:

My friend also gave me over 20 nail art pens [more to come too, she bought a load of them and doesn't use them so decided she would give them to me!] so I've given Jenni a couple so she can get her nail art on!

There are a couple of other designs I've tried out, but I'm not going to cram in loads of photos.
I am currently waiting on some rhinestones, so I can bling my nails up! I've been waiting for nearly two weeks, but the seller has emailed me and says she will send me a replacement lot today, so hopefully they will turn up soon!

I may write more about nail art in future posts - who would like to see this?!

I'll leave you with some gorgeous images - all taken from


  1. oh you are so cleaver ... it has inspired me to have a go ... I love the spotty ones you did!
    Maria x

  2. They are fab, I would love to see more designs! I might give it a go but I don't know if I'll have the patience! Can you use ordinary nail varnish?

  3. these are fab, please post more xx

  4. oh wow, your nails look amazing! i admire your patience too :)

  5. Your Nails are grate, i love wearing Nail polish but my job doesn't allow me to wear it so these days don't wear any :( Its very interesting though to see the effects you can do. It would be nice to see instructions on how to do aminal print Nails if you have the time! I have wedding in April so this would look good!!