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Friday, 14 August 2009

First two sales!

I had my first two sales on folksy a week or so ago, before I went to France. I made one sale on the Saturday, and then another on Monday, just before I went to the airport. Both have given me lovely feedback. I'm really chuffed - I've had to wait a while, but my patience has paid off! Even better, the people who bought the items [both earrings] are non-folksy people!

I got back last night, and arrived home to find some oxodized wire and chain waiting for me :) I've never used oxodized silver, so I'm looking forward to starting something with it.

I was going to get a start on making some more pieces for my stall today, but I think I'm going to be a bit busy - we'll see, though. I need to decorate a mask for a 21st birthday I'm going to tonight. My Mum wants to make hers look like a butterfly, I think. I'm thinking of doing a floral theme for mine. And I need to sort out something for my boyfriend, otherwise he'll just have a plain white mask..any ideas?!

I think I'm going to go to Covent Garden on Tuesday. I had said I wasn't going to go into any bead shops, but I think I'll have to pop into the big one, as I really want to get a few more semi-precious beads! They are so pretty. I didn't spend a penny in France;I think that's a good enough excuse!

Maybe I'll post a picture of my mask in my next entry...providing how well it goes!


  1. oooh, yes ... put some pictures up :) Could he be a peacock? (or is that a bit girlie?)

  2. That's a good idea, but yeah, he may find it a bit girlie! It doesn't help that when I ask him for what kind of thing he'd like, he just says "I don't mind, do what you want"...he'll be getting floral too, at this rate!!

  3. Ooh I definitely want to see the mask, do post a picture of it up later! :)