Trinket Box

Saturday, 29 August 2009

First stall = success!

I had my first stall today - and did much better than I thought I would do :) The earrings were very popular, and I sold a few bracelets. Unfortunately, no pendants were sold - which surprised me. But I can either keep them for the next one [I'm hoping they'll ask me to do another one at Christmas] or put them up on folksy. I made just over £50 in the end. Not too bad, I think! It's a nice feeling!

Someone snapped up some earrings my Mum had her eye on. I told her she should have just bought them, but she decided she'd see if anyone else wanted them first - very typical of her, really. So now she wants me to make her some, so another trip to Covent Garden is in order, just so I can get the beads! I'm sure cake will be involved too, though.

Now I need to put my focus on my folksy shop. Hopefully I will have some new pretty things up soon.

Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend! x


  1. glad it went well :) I knew you would manage to get another trip to Covent Garden in somehow! hehe!

  2. Well done! Just cos the pendants didn't sell this time doesn't mean they won't next time.

  3. It's a fantastic feeling isn't it when people buy what you have made - well done. Now you have some pennies to feed the bead addiction !