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Friday, 20 December 2013

DIY Snow Globes

 photo IMG_3759.jpg

Snow globes are everywhere on Pinterest at the moment. I mentioned them back in my Handmade Christmas post, and have been dying to make them since. I finally gathered all the supplies together and made a couple the other day!

These are so easy to make. I decided to go simple and make waterless ones, but you can make the ones with water using distilled water and glycerine. I think the waterless ones still look really sweet and effective though.

You will need:
Glass jars (Hobbycraft)
Christmas figures (I used cake toppers which I found on ebay and in Hobbycraft).
Artificial snow (Hobbycraft)
Glitter (optional)

 photo IMG_3715.jpg

First, glue your figure to the lid of the jar. Leave to dry (it shouldn't take long).

 photo IMG_3720.jpg

Put a small amount of snow into the jar. You could also add some glitter for extra sparkle.

 photo IMG_3723.jpg

Screw the lid on, and ta-da! You have yourself a snow globe.

 photo IMG_3724.jpg

Add a ribbon to pretty it up, and admire your creation on your window sill.

 photo IMG_3772.jpg

These are so fun and cheap to make, and would also be a great craft for kids to join in on too. I think they look lovely out on display this time of year. I really want to make some more to dot around the house now!

Have you been doing any Christmas crafting?


  1. I love making snow globes at home, and love discovering new ways of making them too! Yours look so so lovely! x

  2. Ohh they're so so lovely! What a beautiful decoration to make <3

    Jennie xo |