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Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Love List.

I did a post like this back in February, and found it quite a fun, positive thing to do, so thought I'd do another one! Most of these things are small and simple - it doesn't take a lot to please me!

 photo 6b98054d-99ed-4de7-b1bd-ae5ffbcac562.jpg

My Polar FT4 - These seem to be quite popular at the moment and, to be honest, I probably wouldn't normally spend £55 on a watch for the gym. But I had some vouchers, so thought why the hell not. I absolutely love it. I find it so motivating, and it really helps me during my workouts. I definitely recommend getting one if you're a bit of a health & fitness nut.

Toffee apple cider - Nothing better than coming home from work on a Friday and cracking one open! Mmmm.

Dexter - I'm pretty far behind on this but, after borrowing my friend's dvds, I'm now totally hooked. Currently watching season 6 and pleased I still have 7 and 8 to go!

This cookie cutter - Makes baking biscuits more fun!

Overnight oats - I've been enjoying this for my breakfast most mornings - it really fills me up after going to the gym. I usually go for a simple combo of soya milk, greek yoghurt, honey and blueberries. If anyone has any other great combinations please let me know!

 photo 12366b04-3c22-40dc-b6b3-541f6bf9e2eb.jpg

Autumn - It's coming! My favourite season. I can't wait for cosy knits, boots, crunchy leaves and hot drinks under my slanket.

The 40mm pancake lens - I used my birthday money to get myself this lens a month or so ago, and absolutely love it. I was going to go for the 'nifty fifty', but glad I spent a little bit more on this one on the end. It's tiny! And, like the photography tutor at the workshop I went on said, it's like the lens has been cut off when it's on the camera! It makes it so much easier to carry around, and I can't wait to play with it more.

 photo f46e9cb7-c23f-48eb-a1d4-ea836fee69be.jpg

Les Misérables - My lovely bestie got me tickets for the West End show for my birthday, and we went to see it together last Saturday. I had seen it once before, when I was 14 (14 years ago!), but felt like I appreciated it a whole lot more second time round. It was AMAZING, and I would definitely go to see it again (and again). Thank you, Laura :)

Blogs - I can't do this post without mentioning a few of my current favourites! Lisette Loves, Sunshine Days, The Little Things and Simple Sophie.


  1. Toffee apple cider? What is this? I haven't had it, but it sounds like something I should have! :)

    I love Les Miserables too, it's so powerful. My fiance took me for my birthday a few years back, he doesn't really like musicals, but he loved it too. I want to see it again, I might take my mum if I can convince her to go to London with me, she hates London!

  2. I agree with the above comment, tofee apple cider?! Where has this been all my life! Gosh I'm going to have to look out for that one, and yay to Autumn being on it's way! x

    The Little Things

  3. You had me at toffee apple cider *dashes to supermarket*

  4. ps. thank you so much for the blog mention, you're such a sweetheart! x