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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

DIY Heart Shaped Bokeh

 photo b4887220-4db1-450a-9b13-48164e661a42.jpg

Tools/materials needed:
Black paper/card
Coloured pencile
Craft knife & cutting mat

 photo a8efa47d-9b72-4610-949e-fb8d2c3e1cfb.jpg

How to make the lens hood
 photo 53020f0c-6153-4280-9de0-416a78975b30.jpg
Place your lens down onto the black paper/card, and roughly draw round it, ensuring the circle is slightly bigger than the lens. Cut the circle out and place infront of the lens to test out the size.

 photo 4a6f4fc3-6c14-4bcd-857e-9d3b305990c9.jpg
 photo 7f1815a3-fb37-47f7-b000-ceff988443a8.jpg
Draw a little heart in the centre of the circle and use your craft knife to cut it out.

 photo 6003ce02-d286-42e4-8a31-e15cd26dbe7f.jpg
 photo 04454c41-ec44-4673-942e-d507a43cb62b.jpg
 photo d0014907-c9d6-4f43-8382-b017440c9bb7.jpg
Cut a strip of paper and wrap round the lens to make part of your lens hood. Use tape to attach the ends together and then more tape to attach the cirle onto the ring. You can be as neat or messy as you you can see, I went for the latter.

 photo f2d7daa4-42b8-42f0-8db0-cffb340c340d.jpg
You now have a bokeh lens hood!

Set your camera to its lowest aperture, and shoot where the fairy lights are!

 photo 27ec0dff-9e0c-4785-b433-7bd3a07622ca.jpg photo 22208815-9c25-41e1-b373-6c97ef261147.jpg
I can't wait to use this at Christmas time, with all the pretty lights around. I'm thinking snowflakes!?


  1. This is brilliant! Such a lovely idea! Doing something like this when you have your fairy lights up is such a great idea! xxx

  2. I never quite understood how these worked but I think I get it now, so cool :)

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