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Monday, 26 August 2013

Nails - AA Violet Panache

 photo 246092d1-e078-4037-91e0-c0721b798994.jpg

This is my first American Apparel nail polish. I rarely venture into the store/browse the online store as I find it so overpriced. But my friend dragged me in there whilst in Covent Garden on Saturday. I naturally found myself at the nail polishes and decided I needed this lovely, vibrant colour in my ever-growing nail polish stash!

 photo 6a204373-e52b-4925-9ee6-129bce533870.jpg
 photo a7163ccb-2057-4761-aaa4-5c5dd3f1d006.jpg

I only needed to apply two coats, although it did take a while to dry. But the colour makes up for it! I very rarely have nails without some sort of nail art/pattern, so drew on a 'woven' design using my silver barry m nail art pen - such an easy design, found in the new WAH book! My copy arrived last week and I love it as much as the first one.

I hope everyone has had a nice bank holiday weekend. My hightlight was going to see Les Misérables on Saturday evening. AMAZING. What's been your highlight of the weekend?


  1. what a gorgeous color! and the nail art is such a cute touch!!
    & followed you back! <3 Cannot wait to see more !

  2. what a gorgeous colour, love the pattern you've done too xx

  3. Oh I like that colour, the design you did with the nail pen over it is so cute. I'm jealous you got to see Les Misérables btw!