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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Disposables - Malta

Ben and I had loads of fun using my disposable camera whilst on holiday in Malta. We mainly used it in the pool, hoping to get some cool underwater shots - however, it was only after he'd taken one of me we realised we had come to the end of the film. Ooops. I also took it along to the place where we did our dolphin swim and took photos of the dolphins during their presentation. Here's the best of the bunch.

 photo 2bd59600-35e9-472a-9fcd-cd8558a90324.jpg
 photo 901fd9ea-4721-4af6-ae59-690946cd6b51.jpg
 photo 70d55921-4ffc-4066-8141-5b428190c20e.jpg
 photo 103f32b7-dad1-461d-885b-c477f53c55ba.jpg
 photo 585b7abb-61b8-4774-a0c0-a8d2d092176f.jpg
 photo e5f359fd-0dc7-4d0c-b7fb-7e37d9fa76f0.jpg
 photo b0e07ed5-c6b6-4477-a781-556ad9373f06.jpg
 photo c7f52356-1dae-4e6a-9190-c440ec52be96.jpg
 photo ec2ea964-8d59-40d2-913e-b10f69c6ed23.jpg
You always know when Ben's been the one behind the camera...


  1. these are really great shots!

  2. I love Malta! I went there last summer, whereabouts did you go? We stayed in Mallieha Bay and travelled a few times to Valetta :) It was a wonderful place to visit!! It looks like you had a great time!

    Here are some of my snaps -
    Issy x

    1. We stayeed in Qawra, it was lovely! Really relaxing and slow-paced. I've heard Mallieha Bay is gorgeous. Have had a peek at your gorgeous photos, will leave you a comment now! :) xx

    2. Slow-paced is the perfect type of holiday in my books! I do so much at home I do need to get away from it all when I'm away... thanks for the comment on my blog!
      Issy x

  3. I love holiday snaps like that :) looks like you had a lovely time!
    Maria x

  4. I love Malta and can't wait to go back. The yellow buses are great and going over to Gozo is brilliant.

  5. Disposable cameras are always a must on my holidays! I love being able to take them near (or in) water without getting paranoid. Lovely photos : )