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Monday, 13 May 2013

DIY Floral Garland Bracelet

 photo 53472681-8002-4ce5-897c-ad9bcb6edf0e.jpg
 photo 034a3195-9d96-43a3-8ce9-351136f7ff6f.jpg

Start by folding your length of string/cord/thread in half and knot to make a loop at the top. NOTE: Make sure the length fits all around your wrist when it's folded.

 photo e3e93905-6525-4e1e-a00f-d2cda7cf6a8f.jpg

Thread the other ends through your button and tie a knot. Snip any excess ends off.

 photo cfcc20f5-3cfa-4ae5-aa1f-5317faaaea0e.jpg

And you're left with this!

 photo 7fb6c2f4-e524-49df-bdec-71982507ca8e.jpg

Now you can start adding your flowers. Wrap the wire attached to the flower around the thread to secure it in place.

 photo 5ba59ddd-0173-4e1e-af86-c21c89ef281c.jpg

Carry on until you get to the end of your bracelet.

 photo 1aa0a2c4-cb02-4e3f-8e69-889bddea1548.jpg

Secure your bracelet by hooking the loop over the button!

 photo 132d10d2-b67b-43e1-8d45-f8e569daef84.jpg


  1. This is so lovely! It seems so simple too, and there's such a pretty result at the end! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  2. It's lovely! What a great idea :) x

  3. This is cute! :)
    I've just uploaded a floral headband tutorial, they would go so nicely together!

  4. Sophie, will you just come move in to mine please, and make me pretty things, and bake me nice cakes and paint my nails pretty. thanks.x

    The Little's.

  5. aw this is so lovely, you clever little thing thank you for sharing soph :)

  6. Ooh I absolutely love this <3

    Jennie xo |

  7. Awww so pretty! This will be a total must for boring summer days! Thanks for sharing

  8. this is so cute! I've got some leftover flowers from a crown I made so I could do this =) x

  9. Oh my, this looks amazing! So girly and whimsical. I wish I was creative in the craft department, might whiz this post over to my sister though! x

  10. So pretty and simple, love it :)

  11. Where can I find the roses to buy?