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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

DIY Glitter Candle Holder

 photo 4021c0a3-3af1-4879-87a0-92d8fb285d13.jpg
You will need:
 photo 48bad813-5786-4a43-bcc5-3636876eb69e.jpg
♥ Mod Podge
♥ Glitter (I used some GOSH nail glitter which I'd had for ages but never used)
♥ Candle/tealight holder (mine's a £1 job from Primark)
♥ Small bowl
♥ Paintbrush

Put some of the glitter into your small bowl...oooh, so pretty!

 photo 46fb56dd-5710-4227-89de-0aa2a833d067.jpg

Squeeze some Mod Podge into the bowl and mix with the glitter.

 photo 0df939df-76e7-47b5-9e33-02d4e48017af.jpg

Apply the glitter-glue mixture onto your holder using the paintbrush. You will have to place the holder onto a sheet of paper so you can get all around the holder. I also applied some of the mixture around the top of the holder. Allow to dry, then apply a second coat.

 photo bc8ee148-5cb0-4cd5-bd56-38766351180c.jpg

Part-way through making this, I remembered I had some blue glitter from a Crafty Creatives box so I decided to try a dip-dye/ombré look. I used the same method as before, but only applying the blue glitter-glue about half way up. I then finished with more of the greeny-blue glitter-glue, merging the two colours together.

 photo 579e16fb-a153-4a7d-b3f8-4ed38f3e71d0.jpg
 photo e964708d-043b-4141-b2b5-9d05206c5cde.jpg

You could also use this to store bits & bobs - such as make up brushes - and this DIY can be used on a whole load of other things! I'm thinking shoes next?


  1. This looks great! It's such a lovely idea, and a gorgeous colour too! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  2. love it! it looks so much better now :D

  3. This looks so good! I got some glitter in my crafty creatives box this month and didn't know how to use it, going to try this! x

  4. Ohh I love this! I'd love to try it with silver glitter!x

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  5. Looks great, although I think I'd end up painting everything in that glitter, it's amazing! X

  6. So pretty, such a cleaver idea :)

  7. this candle holder is such a cute thing! i love adding glitter to things!

    lindsey louise

  8. Lovely candle! I really like the colour. I've got to get myself some of that mod podge stuff!