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Monday, 22 October 2012

Owl cupcakes.

Ages ago, my brother gifted me with an amazing book - Hello, Cupcake! If you've been following my blog for a while then you'll know that I really love baking. However, I've never felt 'adventurous' enough to try any of the recipes in this book. And my brother's been going on at me about trying some, so I thought I best give it a go!

I decided to make the owl cupcakes. They looked the easiest - and they were! I've seen these all over Pinterest too, which had just made me want to make them more. They're so cute!


I hold my hand up - I cheated a bit. I used a Betty Crocker [the best] chocolate cake mix and tub of chocolate fudge icing. I was on a budget! As well as this, you'll need a pack of oreos and smarties.

Once you've baked your cupcakes, it's just a case of slathering on your icing and decorating! Split the oreos in half and add smarties for the eyes, then a smartie for the beak.


  1. Those are so cute! I love chocolate cupcakes and oreos so these seem perfect! xx

  2. They are so adorable! By the way a while ago I published a recipe for chocolate muffins - have a browse on the blog, it's under Recipes. :)

  3. Aww they look fantastic! And so cute.

  4. These look amazing! They're so cute! And there's nothing wrong with ol' Betty, I love her devils food cake mix


  5. Oh my gosh they are SO cute! <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. They look devine. I am definitely going to try these.

  7. This is adorable, My son will love something like that!

  8. didn't milk bubbles tea blog about these exact cupcakes like a week ago?

    1. She may have done? But I originally got the idea from my 'Hello, Cupcake' book, plus they are all over pinterest [like I mentioned in the post] so lots of people are making these cupcakes :)

  9. Are those Oreo eyes!? They look sooo good : )