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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Put a pin on it #1

I'm a bit of a Pinterest addict [follow me here] so I thought I would start a new little feature on my blog. Each week [or most] I will post a selection of things I have either repinned or pinned myself. This will be anything from quotes to recipes to crafty inspiration. A little bit of everything.

Love this idea. Would love to re-create it myself.


This sounds, and looks, delicious!

I know this is so soppy, but I really do agree with these words!

Love this look.

Do you have pinterest? Please feel free to leave your links and I'll follow you! 


  1. I've yet to really get in to pinterest so I've only pinned about 2 things! Love these though :) xx

  2. :)

    I love these, especially the Polaroid heart and the quote :)

  3. I just got pintrest! loving it... that last look is a definite pin

  4. That John Burrough quote is the cutest and love the skirt and jumper combo :) Pinterest can be such a good way to get your creative mind working! ox

  5. I do really like that last look. And I think I'll do that heart thingy above my bed in my new flat at uni! Great inspiration I'll foloow you on pinterest! xx

  6. I love pinterest, there are so many amazing images I could spend hours looking through! xo

  7. Love the Polaroid heart : )