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Monday, 13 August 2012

Nails - Roses

I love my florals, and this is my most favourite nail art I've done for a while.


Colours used are essie Absolutely Shore for the base and Models Own Raspberry Crush and Pastel Pink for the roses. The outlines were done using Models Own Wah nail art pen.


I hated taking this off last night! I love painting my nails on a Friday night, but hate the fact I only have them painted a couple of days and then have to take it all off because of work and their stupid rules.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend anyway! Wasn't the weather beautiful? I was spoilt to two BBQs - ate far too much!

Hope you all have a great week. Lots going on at work for me [so much stress] but I am looking forward to a nandos and seeing Ted at the cinema on Wednesday. Anyone seen the film? Been looking forward to seeing it for a while.


  1. These look amazing! Wish I was this creative! xx

  2. I love this :D So simple but really cute!! I'll definite be trying this out soon!
    Oh, and my boyfriend has seen Ted and said it's really good :)
    x x x

  3. WOW. I love this, so much! I might have to copy you :O Is that okay!?

    CAT xo

    1. Haha, of course - could always link my post if you blog them? Would love to see yours! x

  4. Wow your nails look gorgeous and I am in love with this design :) I love the colour choices for the flowers also :)


  5. WOAH SOPHIE!!! look at you you little talented cherry. how awesome do these look!xx

  6. Oh wow! My boring, just averagely painted nails are crying out with jealousy right now that I'm not talented enough to create anything even vaguely as pretty as this!
    Kaz x

  7. Ooh wow, these are amazing, you're so talented, I have enough trouble painting my nails let alone doing something like this on them :-)