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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pay day wishlist.

With pay day fast approaching [tomorrow!], I am eagerly awaiting a little shopping spree. I've treated myself a bit more than I said I would this month [oops], so am planning to be better in August and only buy myself a couple of things.

wishlist #76456

I've been after a coral jumper for what seems like an age now. This h&m one is perfect, and so cheap! The bag is just the sweetest thing ever, however I really don't need another bag so that will be staying firmly on my wishlist I think. The lace trim ankle socks remind me of primary school, but I really want them - although worried I'm a bit too old to pull them off? I love the heart studs, be a nice change from the usual cone shaped ones I use. One thing I definitely want is one of these rings - I absolutely adore rose gold, and these have been in my favourites on etsy for ages. I am undecided over the pink or lilac. If there was a mint one I would snap that up in a heartbeat. And lastly, the new Marc Jacobs fragrance, Dot. I first had a smell of this the other day, and I love it. The bottle is just adorable too.

What's on your wishlist this pay day?


  1. LOVE that jumper! And I really want to try out that perfume actually, the bottle is adorable!
    I can't wait for payday either, i'm having a bit of a dental op next week, want to buy something to treat myself!
    x x x

    1. Aww, I hope your op goes ok! You should definitely buy yourself a little something [or two] :) xx

  2. Gorgeous picks! I was worried I couldn't do frilly socks too, but I paired a white pair with some beige brogues and they look really cute with summer dresses :) I haven't tried Dot yet but I love all Marc Jacob's summery fragrances so I'm sure this'll be no different :D xx

  3. Those rings are beautiful. Love the jumper too x

  4. I may now want everything on your wish list! Watching those heart studs on ebay, might have to buy a pair of shoes to put them on! - The list is increasing ...

    Lola ..x

  5. oh beautiful jumper, please come into my life thank you!
    and yes I am totally getting those socks tooo!x

  6. Pay day couldnt have come round any sooner for me this month! I love that jumper, what a pretty colour xx

  7. That jumper is gorgeous, might have to pop in to H&M too :p I have some of the ankle socks but am yet to wear them- I keep thinking I will look like I'm in primary school! xx

  8. Oh my goodness that bag is the cutest thing ever & I finally managed to smell Marc Jacobs Dot for the first time today and I'm in love! <3 xo

  9. love it all! Dot smells devineeee xx