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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christmas wishlist.

I must admit, I have been compiling my Christmas wishlist for weeks now. I started my own Christmas shopping way back in August. I know that's super organized, but I'm still shopping round for bits for people, as I'm trying to spread the cost a bit. It's a very expensive time of year, especially when you're like me and don't seem to be able to know when to stop with the present buying! I love getting people things I just know they'll love, but then I keep seeing other stuff they'll really like and end up over-spending.

Anywaaay, onto my lovely list! This is going to make me sound totally materialistic, but who cares! You're lying if you say you don't like presents!


Fisheye lens for Diana F+. Just looks amazing.

♥ A kitten. Okay. Not very realistic seeing as I still live with the parents and my Dad is totally against getting one. But I can still wish. And hope. And pray.

Camera lens mug. Such a cool idea! I may not own a DSLR camera, but this would be the closest I could get to having one for a while, haha...and anyway, who doesn't like a good cup of tea? Love the little biscuit holder too!

♥ I am totally in love with this twist bow ring from Tiffany & Co. Have put this on the list I gave Ben. I've also asked for this one, which I love equally to be fair. Excuse my expensive taste.

Teacup silicon cupcake moulds. I love to bake and I love tea so these are just perfect!

Queen of Crafts book. I first heard about this from Victoria, and it looks lovely. Definitely right up my street :)

This is by no means my entire list...I'm also after some clothes [knits especially], pyjamas, bath stuff [lush snow fairy in particular], baking essentials, and some crafty supplies would also be lovely.

What's on your Christmas wishlist this year?


  1. Love those cupcake holders. Need to get my mam them for Xmas I think! All I want to Xmas is the complete Harry Potter boxset;)

  2. I want a kitty too, but our landlord is being an absolute bumface! GAY!
    I have these teacup cake moulds, and they're amazing.. they also look awesome when you've baked in them :-) xx

  3. Those cupcake things are awesome! Good luck with getting a kitten! If we lived closer, I know of two that you could have :)

    Mabel Time

  4. Ooh I love the Tiffany ring! The teacup moulds are adorable as well, my sister's been after a set for ages! (:

  5. The ring is lovely, i love anything with bows on it. (ps. i reeeeaaally hope you get a kitten!) xxx

  6. Just like you, I have expensive taste when it comes to Jewellery! I have a slight obsession with Tiffany's and I don't blame you for wanting that bow ring!!