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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Playing catch-up.

Just a quick little [crafty] update post.

Too much gym.
I've hurt my back - not entirely sure what I've done, but it came on after the gym. I went 3 days running with quite hardcore workouts, and I think it was a bit much! I'm sure work isn't helping - picking up toddlers etc probably isn't doing it any good! Have to say that it's feeling a lot better at the moment. My Mum's a physio and is going to give me some exercises to do at the gym after my workouts, to prevent it happening again! I actually hate not going to the gym, as stupid as it sounds.

Teacup candles.
I've been making more teacup candles. Most of them are going to be given to people for Christmas - handmade gifts are the best. My bestie and her boyfriend recently moved into their own place, and she's asked me to make them one - have had other people asking me about them too, someone I work with even said she might get me to make some for her wedding :) Got a big 1kg bag of wax in the post today from Fred Aldous, so got lots to see me through - getting quite addicted.


My jewellery making has been a bit sparse lately. I just haven't had the time, or the energy, to make much. I'm hoping to rectify this soon, as Christmas is coming so I want plenty available in the shop. I have, however, had time to make a couple of charms [which I plan to put onto chains - let me know if you're interested in either the flower or teacup!] and a pendant and earring set, which my friend commissioned me to make for her.


Weekend fun.
Really looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow night my friend and her boyfriend are having a gathering at their new place, I'm excited to see it, it looks gorgeous! Then on Saturday the boyfriend and I are going to London for the day. I want to go to the Lomography Gallery Store, have told Ben that he can pick somewhere to go too, as I always seem to be dragging him around places only I like, bless him!

Hope you've all had a great week. Don't forget about my giveaway - you've got one more week left to enter!


  1. the candles are looking cute
    x x

  2. Your teacup candles are so cute :) Such a good idea for Christmas!
    Abigail xx

  3. Those candles are so cute, I really want to try making some too! Handmade presents really are the best at Christmas :) Sorry to hear about your back - lucky your Mum's a physio! Hope she can fix it and make you feel better.

  4. Love those candles, so cute

  5. I love the teacup candles!

    So cute!