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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Giveaway - a few of my favourite things - now CLOSED.

I've spent quite a bit more time blogging recently than I used to, and I've really started to enjoy it more. Hey, I might not have a billion followers, but I enjoy it and love reading each and every comment I get, as well as reading other lovely blogs :) So I thought I'd do a little giveaway, I guess as a little thank you to the people who take time to read and comment on my posts!

I wanted to do a kinda theme - so decided to base the prizes on a few of my favourite things! I have bought/made all these items myself, and I hope you like them as much as I do.

So, on with the goodies...

Teacup charm - I made this using art clay silver, a precious metal clay which is 99.9% pure silver when fired. It's been oxidized to give it that lovely vintage egde. I've attached a jumpring so whoever wins can put it onto a chain/charm bracelet/whatever they fancy :)


Diana F+ Chrome keyring - too cute.


Models Own Raspberry Crush.


as well as a mystery prize [ie I haven't got it yet, haha]...I will also include a discount code to use in my shop!

So that's all the prizes. Let's get to the 'rules'!

♥ There will be one winner, who gets everything shown above.
♥ You don't have to be a follower [but it would be lovely if you are! :)]
♥ Open internationally - anyone can enter!
♥ To enter, just leave a comment telling me a few of your favourite things!
♥ Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner.
♥ Giveaway ends 8PM Thursday 20th October - I will draw the winner using

Good luck everyone! x


  1. You know I would LOVE to win this! I am a tea addict, obsessed with collecting vintage tea cups for no reason at all (I'm always too scared to use them!) And I am a photography addict!! :)
    x x x

  2. Love this giveaway!
    Nail polish is one of my favourite things, so it'd be fab if I won ;D I also love rings and quirky necklaces!

  3. I would love to win :D xxx

  4. ooh I love your blog and all your recipes and photos that you have been doing recently too, as well as your beautiful jewellery :)

    My favourite things are my doggy, dilly. My camera (that should be camera's now!! haha) Roses. Making things. Finding vintage bargains and watching crime dramas!

    I am of course following!
    Maria xxx
    craftcorner @

  5. You're too cute Sophie:p My favourite things are a tall vanilla latte from Costa Coffee (beats Starbucks hands down!), my new DP chelsea boots and my son, obviously;) Oh, and kittens. I LOVE KITTENS.

  6. I'd love to enter, please!
    My favourite thing is massive woolly jumpers! I'm so glad autumn is back so I can wrap up in them once again!

  7. I'd love to enter :) I have been following for quite a while!

    My favourite things are my slipper boots and my hoodie which go perfectly with my favourite mug for a cup of tea or hot chocolate in the evening! xx

  8. Love the teacup charm, you're so clever, I have no idea how you made that, it's so tiny! And a girl can never have enough nail polish... ;)

  9. oooh what a lovely giveaway - count me in!

    i just love love love scarves! i'm addicted! and buttons. and cake. give me those three things and i'm a very happy, content lady.

  10. great prizes.
    I love all things to do with nails, polishes, glitter, nail stickers and more

  11. Ooh favourite things... Dogs, feedsack fabrics, berry fruit cider(!), pizza, swing music, Fencing, Hornsea Pottery, watching Doc Martin on the telly with all my orders packed and finished :)

  12. lovely give away, my favourite things are sitting by a fire on a cold evening snuggled up with my cats and a cup of hot chocolate (-:

  13. Hmmmm a few of my favourite things! Crisp autumnal days, hot chocolate, cuddles, chocolate and my family :

    Thanks for the give away!

  14. Lovely giveaway. I really am an Autumn girl, looking forward to woolies, hats, scarves and jumpers, cosy nights with a nice glass of red surrounded by gorgeous smelly candles.

    Lynda x

  15. Lovely blog and a great giveaway too.

    My favourite things include persian cats, oversized granny cardigans, Liberty print anything, sky high heels, english muffins and charity shopping x

  16. Oooooh lovely giveaway Soph!

    Well a few of my favourite things are - the smell of my cat Jake, thunderstorms, Dr Pepper, big comfy hoodies, weekend lie-ins and cake :D

    Good luck all! xx

  17. Chunky sweaters and ugg boots<3!!!
    THANK YOU:)!!!

  18. I'd love to win, plus I follow anyway :)

    A few of my favourite things are my lovely hamster and fiancé of course, my owl cookie jar (there's a photo here - I use him for storing all my baking supplies, and also the movie Juno :)

  19. I love the smell of paint, Christmas, running my fingers through beads at the Bead Shop, Hot chocolate, the smell of grass, making crafts, creating art, taking photos, snuggling up & watching a DVD with a brew, buying DVD's, my iPhone. Ikea, the smell of new PJ's, patterns & flowers. Banana milkshake & egg sandwiches. Soap & glory hand food. Cooking. I will stop now. :)

  20. Ah, what a lovely giveaway! I'm going to share it over on my facebook page, hope that's okay! That teacup charm is adorable :-) A few of my favourite things are tea, cake, crafting, photography, birds, cats, sunshine and anything Parisian xxx

  21. this is so lovely! i love the charm and keychain. so beautiful. and who doesn't love nail polish!

    oh my goodness! i have so many favourite things! (i'm so indecisive haha) i love floral printing, crafting, my gerbils bubble and squeak, lipstick, pretty teacups, monster munch and weirdly enough, organising and clearing out! xoxo

  22. oh what a lovely give away :) the teacup charm is so very pretty!

    i have lotsa favourite things! my home - being where i keep all my favourite things tops the list though. I adore living in my little cottage in the middle of a field w/ all my pups & my loved one :)

  23. i forgot my email sorry! :)

  24. I'd love to enter!

    A few of my favourite things would be my kitties, chocolate, snuggling with the boyfriend and of course, making jewellery!

    My email is mozzypop_jewels[at]

    Dayner x my blog -