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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Models Own sale purchases.

Finally got my Models Own sale purchases!

I know a lot of people had problems with the website on the first day of the sale - I certainly did. Although I thought my order had gone through ok, it turned out it hadn't. But I cannot fault their customer service! I emailed them, they replied and refunded me within minutes. Luckily what I wanted was still in stock, so I re-ordered straight away with no hassle at all.

I chose [and it was a hard choice] Green Tea, Raspberry Crush, Tickled Pink and Juicy Jules. Also got one of their nail buffers!

I'm really pleased with what I chose. Especially Juicy Jules - I have no idea why I haven't had it until now, it is AMAZING. I wanted to get Disco Mix too, but it's out of stock :( Booo!


  1. I love green tea and raspberry crush! Heard lots of good things about Juicy Jules so I might have to think about picking it up myself. Great choices (: xxx

  2. ow I wanted disco mix too :(
    I can't wait to get mine!!! could you do a blog post on what they look like on also? :)

  3. I must be the only girl in the world not to have tried Models Own, may have to go on a little shopping trip!

    Very festive choice of colours! :)

  4. Tickled Pink looks gorgeous, and I also got Juicy Jules - I love it! xx

  5. Need Juicy Jules in my life right now!

    Olivia xx