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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Fisheye camera.

I'm not very well :( I started getting 'the sniffles' last night before I went to bed, then woke up with a full stinking cold this morning! I thought maybe an early morning [try 6.30am] gym session might help sweat it out a bit, but nope. It's not actually as bad as I'm making out, but I'm rarely ill so it seems awful!

I received some post today, which did cheer me up a little! Some of it was Christmas presents [yes, I've started already - spreading the cost!], but I also got my order from lomography and my new lomography camera, which I got for £14 on ebay!

The fisheye!


Looking forward to hopefully having a play over the weekend!

I'm going to run a bath and start reading Danny Wallace's Yes Man again. I read it years ago, and it's hilarious so I decided I must read it again!

Also, the person who gives me my first sale in my new shop will receive a free gift!


  1. Get well soon!!! Plus I'm loving the camera!!!
    x x x

  2. Just had a little look at your shop and theres some really nice peices of jewellery! definitely making a purchase :) Hope you're feeling better soon!

    Abigail xx