Trinket Box

Friday, 26 August 2011

New phone cover.

Just wanted to show off my new phone cover. My old leopard print one had broken so I needed a replacement. I went for this...


My Mum thinks it's super tacky, and she's right, but that's why I got it! It's only a phone cover after all, it's not like I'd wear anything like this haha...

I bought this for around £4 on ebay [so addicted to that website, I think I have some kind of problem] - have had it a couple of days and so far so good - no rhinestones have fallen off just yet! You can find the seller here. She also sells nail art pens, rhinestones etc - great for if you love nail art like I do.

It's Bank Holiday weekend, yay! I hope everyone has a lovely one. What has everyone got planned? I'm going to see One Day with my friend tomorrow - TOO excited, although slightly worried it'll be a let down as the book is so amazing. We shall see!


  1. This is gorgeous! I have endless amounts of covers for my iphone, but none like this! I'll have to have a look around for one xx

  2. Hi Sophie
    I haven't been following your blog long but just had to leave a comment to say I just love how tackily cute this is lol