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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Diana Dreamer

Since getting my Diana Mini, I've been getting really interested in other Lomography & film cameras.

The Diana Dreamer is a remake of the original Diana. Similar to my diana mini, but it takes 120 format film, whereas the diana mini takes standard 35mm - much cheaper and easier to get processed. When I was looking at Dianas I was originally going to go for the dreamer, but figured it'd be easier and more cost-effective to go for the diana mini. But, just LOOK at it.

So I think it's fair to say I'm still very much lusting after it.

It's available exclusively at Urban Outfitters. I already have the flash, so all I'd need is a 35mm back. But what I'd really like is an instant back, so I can take instant photographs! The back actually costs more than the camera itself, hmmm. If there was an instant back for the diana mini I'd totally get it.

So yep... got a little bit of saving to do. Feel free to help me!


  1. I seriously want one of these! But I am the same as you, I want instant photos! I cannot be bothered to get them developed so I think I'm going to pass at the moment. xo

  2. Cute pic!

  3. oh my its gorgeous! keep saving and i bet it will be worth it xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  4. I am still waiting for my Diana to come in the post, I am so excited! But like you, I would love to have my photos instantly!:(