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Sunday, 22 May 2011

New Purchases - Nail Polish

I went for a pub lunch with my boyfriend, brother and our friend today. I had a chip bowl - curly fries with beans, yum! Anyway, we had a look around town after and I picked up a few nail polishes. My boyfriend is always telling me I have too many [along with too much jewellery...I don't think 'too much' jewellery even exists to be honest!], but hey, I'm a little addicted - I just want one in every shade/colour imagineable.

I got two L.A. Colors ones from beauty base [99p each!], two NYC ones from superdrug [2 for £3.49] and one from the 17 range in boots, which cost me £2.99.

Left-right: NYC Lights-Camera-Glitter, NYC Gramercy Glitz & 17 Lasting Fix in Midnight Sapphire. I mainly bought the latter because I want to try out cosmic/galaxy nails soon!

L.A. Colors in Treasure Island & Metallic Pink. As they were so cheap I wasn't expecting much, but I've done a swatch on my nail wheel, and I'm pleasantly surprised. Will have to see what other colours I can get!

Apart from wearing 17 nail polishes when I was younger, I haven't tried out any of the other brands, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they go!


  1. so true, a girl can never have too many nail varnishes or necklaces! ive never heard of beauty box...but 99p nail varnishes-gasp!! xxxx following xxxx

  2. 'Midnight Sapphire' looks like a beautiful colour! I also love glitter nail polish, so you have some great picks! xoxo

  3. love the glitter varnish. I haven't painted my nails in ages and I really want to get some glitter on them!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx