Trinket Box

Sunday, 6 March 2011

A visual post!

Why not! Just some [random] photos from this week.

1. Ring from jwlry.
2. Book I'm currently reading. Have always loved Jodi Picoult's stuff and this one certainly hasn't failed to impress me so far.
3. I started learning how to knit this week! My Mum's teaching me. This was just me practising - I'm not actually making anything out of that, but am planning on making a blanket for my cousin's baby, due in August.
4. Spoon rings! I got these off a seller on etsy. All for less than a tenner! Planning to blog about these later.
5. Saturday night, I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and then we went for some drinks with friends! Ben tried to take a photo of me but I hid behind my 'one true love'.
6. Wiiiine.
7. Vegetarian Haribo! They need to do more packs of these, in different varieties.
8. Popped into h&m and got these cute shorts. Ben and I have just booked our holiday, so think I'll be taking these with me!
9. Strawberry beer - lovely!
10. Custom order I'm currently working on, for a girl I went to primary school with :)


  1. oooh I LOVE the spoon rings ... am very tempted to get one myself!!
    yey! knitting!
    Maria xx

  2. There's veggie haribo?! This is the one thing I have missed since becoming vegetarian - please tell me they do something similar to Tangfastics and I will be a very happy bunny! :) The spoon rings are fab too.